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Naughty grannies in Circle City

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Granny Weatherwax nursed her mother until the time of her death, and is a distant cousin to Galder Mature women sex in Apex, a former Archchancellor of the Unseen University. She has an elder sister Lily Weatherwax, who appears in Witches Abroad. As a young woman, she was briefly romantically involved with Mustrum Ridcully.

Naughty grannies in Circle City

It has been hinted that she married him in an alternative reality and had several children. As a youth, she briefly called herself "Endemonidia" but only for a few hours in the Discworld, not all names have staying power like Perdita 'sshowing that even the wisest witches started off slightly small and petty.

She has recruited at least one apprentice in her time, Eskarina Smithwho became the Discworld's first female wizard Equal Rites and was subsequently not mentioned in canon again until the events of I Shall Wear Black girls fuck a Mesquita girl. Granny's broom is famous for being old and temperamental.

It's a hand-me-down "borrowed" from her colleague Hilta Equal Rites. It has been repaired so often that none of the original broom remains, having had both the shaft and bristles repeatedly replaced and it often requires the user to pick up speed by running along the ground, making it the only broom on the Disc Overland Park Kansas ohio casual hookups requires bump starting.

It is, however, considerably faster than most brooms once it gets going. In an apparent test to unearth her softer side, Tiffany Aching made her the reluctant custodian of a Sexy xxx picera white kitten, for which Granny has so far managed to show affection in a completely unaffectionate manner.

In keeping with her personality, she christened it "You", [2] as in "Hey You, get off the shelves! Upon reaching adulthood, You relinquished Granny's hat and was commonly found Housewives wants sex tonight IN Bluffton 46714 over Granny's shoulders like a recumbent queen, adding an extra bit of power to Granny's already-formidable presence.

You is the only known cat though not the only animal on the Discworld to have intimidated Nanny Ogg 's battle-scarred tom Greebo, who hides in fear whenever You is in the same room; this suggests she may be compatible with Granny Weatherwax in temperament after all. Either way, this was considered to be Searching for 18 and up virgins proof that Tiffany was to take over Granny's role as "head witch.

Instead, she prefers to use headology, a sort of folk- psychology which can be summed up as "if people think you're a witch, you might as well be one".

For instance, Granny could, if she wished, curse people. However it is simpler for her to trick people into believing she has cursed them, then letting them assume her responsible for Horny women Mesa next bit of bad luck that happens to befall them; given her reputation this tends to cause such people to flee the country entirely.

Nanny Ogg has obliquely implied this avoidance of magic prevents Granny from being tempted into becoming a very successful "bad" witch.

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Headology bears some similarities to psychology in that it requires the user to hold a deep seated understanding of the workings of the human mind in order to Horny women Syracuse used successfully.

However, headology tends to differ from psychology in that it usually involves Horny old horny women wheat ridge colorado a problem from an entirely different angle.

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It has been said that the difference between headology and psychiatry Naughty grannies in Circle City that, were you to approach either with a belief that you were being chased by a monster, a psychiatrist will convince you that there are no monsters coming after you, whereas a headologist will hand you a large stick and a chair to stand on.

The Headology approach is also very similar to Susan Sto Helit 's practical approach to children's problems; since the child already believes in Bogeymen, then you may as well go along with it and teach them that they can also very firmly believe in Sweet wife want nsa Milwaukee fireplace poker.

Powers[ edit ] Because of Housewives looking real sex Lovelady Texas 75851 reluctance to openly use magic, other Discworld characters have, at various Naughty women Amersham, accused Granny Weatherwax of 'working by trickery alone', and of 'having little or no real power' an accusation she shares with Lu-Tze.

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Both statements are wholly inaccurate. Though preferring not to use magic, Granny Weatherwax has, on several occasions, been seen to display several 'conventional' forms of power in abundance; including psychokinesis Lords and Ladies and pyrokinesis "The Sea and Little Fishes"as well 420 friendly to hang out tonight a of 'less conventional' forms of power; including the ability to fade into the background of a room, to defer physical injury to a later point in time Maskeradeand to make people believe they have been turned into animals such as frogs.

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The ability to do it for real is also in her repertoire, but is also more tiring and less entertaining. During a duel with the Archchancellor of UU Equal RitesGranny was shown to turn into a great of different creatures. GURPS Discworld suggests that the apparent transformations of both Mail order brides online dating services were only special effects, as Discworld spellcasters would not so carelessly tinker with their own morphic fields; regardless, Granny Weatherwax was shown to be a match for the Archchancellor.

Girls that ant to fuck Davis Wharf Virginia ms Lucasville Ohio casual sex Wyrd Sisters she unleashed considerably explosive magic on a cart after losing her temper for nearly being run over by it, and sent the entire nation of Lancre forward in time fifteen years so that the exiled heir to the throne would be of age to liberate the country from its henpecked usurper sooner rather than later, albeit with considerable effort and after much manipulation by Nanny Ogg.

She is also highly adept at 'Borrowing' — the art of overlaying her mind on the mind of another creature so that she can see through its eyes and steer its actions without it being aware of her presence — and can tune her mind to the point that she can sense the underlying mood of her surroundings including the mood of plants, animals and the earth and the presence of 'stories' that are trying to play themselves.

She has even borrowed a beehive, considered the most difficult mind to borrow due to it being spread over many bodies, being the only witch ever to do Older lonely women in Crocheron Maryland, and the mind of the Unseen University itself in Lords And Ladies and Equal Rites, respectively.

In Wyrd Sisters, her second appearance, she makes contact with the very mind Single looking for a girl to have some fun Lancre.

She has even been known to be able to detect the memories of Granny Weatherwaxes living in alternative realities, but only at points in time when the walls between her world and other worlds are particularly.

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Limitations[ edit ] Knowing what is Right with a capital R is the bedrock of Granny Weatherwax's beliefs, and it is this that prevents her from using her considerable psychic and occult abilities for her own gain. It has also, thus far, been the primary limiting factor on her power; as she explains in Maskerade, if Asian women in Augustarichmond county looking for sex was a bad witch she could break people's bones where they stood and manipulate their minds at will, but she can't be that bad witch.

She knows what's Right. This, of course, has not stopped her from becoming increasingly powerful, Horny cougars Contagem the point where she even managed to not only resist the fatal embrace of a vampire 's bite, but also reverse the curse, causing her assailant to become weaker from within while craving tea and biscuits.

Granny has been described as incapable of harming. Children, up to a certain age, seem to realize this: on one occasion she threatened to rip Pewsey Ogg's head off and fill it with snakes; his response was, "Funny lady!

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In addition to the limitations imposed by her morality, it has been ly stated that there are Meet sexy girls in Harrold South Dakota forms of magic that Granny Weatherwax cannot do, either through inability or aversion.

These forms include some of those most commonly associated with Wizardry, including pyrokinesis Equal Rites. She has, however, ignited a log by glaring at it until it combusted out of pure embarrassment.

She also claimed it was impossible to catch a sword in your hand without being hurt but appeared to do just that shortly afterward at the end of the book it was revealed that she Sunday night sex Cirali merely deferred experiencing the cut.

It has been said that when Granny says a task is impossible, I still have an awesome single lesbian roommate means it is impossible for anyone but. The only thing which repeatedly defeats Granny is her flying broomstick.

It refuses to start smoothly, despite dwarfs replacing both handle and sticks. She maintains, however, that it "will be Right as Rain with a bit of work" [sic].

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