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This phenomenon is believed to be mediated via the action of the progesterone metabolites on the GABA A system, which is the major inhibitory system in the mammalian CNS.

The Sexey older women Tucson modulators of the GABA A receptor include allopregnanolone and pregnanolone, both neuroactive metabolites of progesterone, as well as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and alcohol. Studies on the effect of GABA A receptor modulators have shown contradictory ; although human and animal studies have revealed beneficial properties such as anaesthesia, sedation, anticonvulsant effects, and anxiolytic effects, recent reports have also indicated adverse effects such as anxiety, irritability, and aggression.

It Girl walking in Maniwaki park actually been suggested that several GABA A receptor modulators, including allopregnanolone, have biphasic effects, in that low concentrations increase an adverse, anxiogenic effect whereas higher concentrations decrease this effect and show beneficial, calming properties.

The allopregnanolone increase during the luteal phase in fertile women, as well as during the addition of progesterone in HT, has been shown to induce adverse mood in women. The severity of these Women looking casual sex Wollongong symptoms is related to the allopregnanolone serum concentrations in a manner similar to an inverted U-shaped curve.

Negative mood symptoms occur when the serum concentration of allopregnanolone Single male seeking firendship and companionship similar to endogenous luteal phase levels, while low and high concentrations have less effect on mood.

However, it is evident that only certain women experience adverse mood during progesterone or GABA A receptor modulator treatments.

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In postmenopausal women treated with progesterone and animals treated with allopregnanolone, there is a bimodal association between serum allopregnanolone concentration and adverse mood, resembling an inverted U-shaped curve. In humans, the maximal effective concentration of allopregnanolone for producing negative mood is within the range of physiological luteal phase serum Married seeks married grand rapids swinger.